Sisters of The SON was conceived through a vision from God delivered to Tonya Smallwood on July 23, 1994.  The vision brought forth a powerful Christian message of peace and love for all mankind.  In the vision, Tonya Smallwood was instructed to develop multicultural Christian dolls to be used as a vehicle to communicate God's message of peace, equality, abounding love, and oneness with Christ.  Through the Sisters of The SON dolls, an incredible seed was planted.  What began as a seed has flourished under God’s divine light, branching out all over the world to deliver His message revealed in the vision.   Staying true to the vision has enabled Sisters of The SON to prosper and grow.  The result has been the creation of a dynamic and diverse enterprise that serves God and helps to meet the needs of His people. 

      Based as a home fellowship, the Sisters of The SON Ministry was established in 1997 and has grown into a full Gospel Ministry.  Under the leadership of Apostle Tonya Smallwood, the ministry embodies the mission and purpose to reach, teach and most importantly lead others in understanding the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

      Christian businesses, foundations and ministries have been developed and nurtured under the Sisters of The SON umbrella.  These entities have come together on multiple levels to reach, teach and lead on purpose, resulting in a financial, educational, and spiritual return on investment.  Through these platforms we serve as a distribution point as well as a conduit for the flow of the Gospel. 

      All we do is for the purpose of bringing glory and honor to God and equipping His children with the tools to fulfill their purpose and lead them to a personal and higher relationship with Jesus Christ!  In 2008, the Lord directed Apostle Tonya to commission the Experience Imagine conference series hosted by Sisters of The Son Ministries and other partners.  This series will focus on enriching, elevating, encouraging and experiencing what it means to ‘Believe’!  The first conference was launched in July 2011.

      We are a non-traditional, non-denominational ministry.  It’s not about the church as a building, but rather the church being built inside of you.  Our goal is to build and establish a firm foundation based on the word of God and to develop every individual to achieve their highest potential and live their best life on purpose!   It’s all about exposing people to a higher level  of thinking which then translates into a higher level of being, which translates into a higher level of living!  The best of life is available if you know how to tap into it!  Experience Imagine is designed to help you learn how to believe and begin to experience so much more than you ever dreamed or "imagined"!



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